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33 Mallard Rd: (647) 478-6114

141 Bond Ave: (647) 478-6043

25 Mallard Rd: (647) 812-7795

Preschool Programs

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Preschool Program

33 Mallard Rd.
141 Bond Ave.
From 2 1/2 Year
5 Years

Program Goals

  • Provide rich, interesting and safe learning environment.

  • Build self-confidence through the development of self-help skills to achieve a positive self-image.

  • Develop social skills by encouraging respect for the right and properties of others.

  • Develop language and Math skills through hands-on experiences.

  • Develop ability to concentrate, listen, and participate.

  • Develop gross motor skills and creative movements.

  •  Learn through music and instruments. 

Preschool North York

Room Setup

Each preschooler is surrounded with a warm, loving, home-like setting, and caring environment for individualized care

Areas of


We know how to turn learning into a fun time. This is just a glimpse of what we cover during the day. We encourage you to join us for a tour and learn more about how your child is going to spend the time at St George Mini School and Infant Care

Preschool Programs North York

Sensory, and Fine Motor

At an age between 2 1/2 to 5 years, children are ready to learn letters, and start practicing writing their names and counting without assistance.

Teachers at St. George Mini School continue to work with children to develop their fine motor skills, increase hand-eye coordination, learn the concept of sorting and tiding up,identifying colours and shapes, and the use of utensils and pencils.

Kids Need Music, Gym,
Art, and a Library

St George Mini School facilitates a beautiful recipe that gives your child a jump start on education.

Our teachers work with children to develop their fine motor skills, encourage creativity, and promote imaginative play.

Preschool Center in North York

The "WOW" Effect
Science And Nature

Children will be introduced to the cause and effect concept, and they will explore very simple inventions.

Preschool Programs
Preschool Programs Center

Kids Dance Before They Learn About Music

Children who sing are happy children. Singing and dancing comes naturally to children.

Teachers at St George Mini School incorporate music and dance in many activities like health and safety, and the development of gross and fine motors skills.

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