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Most daycare centers prefer to enroll babies six years or older than it. Before sending your child to daycare, it is vital to compare what each one offers and its merits and demerits.
Also, there are certain things to be considered before taking an interview with daycare candidates. This interview process would help your child secure a spot and give you the peace of mind that he is in safe hands.

When It's Time for Babies to Start Daycare

The time to start the daycare depends on numerous factors listed below:

● The duration of your parental leave
● The partner's ability to avail leave
● Your financial obligations
● Other childcare options, such as family members

It is ideal for babies to start daycare within six weeks. However, according to the experts waiting for extended periods will be beneficial for the child in the long run. It allows parents to connect with their child, gives the umbilical cord time to heal, and comprehends the feeding and sleeping patterns of the child.

Certain daycare schools won't take babies who are of 6 weeks of age. Furthermore, many don't have the facility to handle premature babies or those struggling with medical concerns.

If you are a professional and want your newborn to receive the best care, start looking for daycare centers that would consider your child or other options like homecare providers, family members, and nannies.

When it's time to Search for Daycare

One should start finding daycare centers during pregnancy. These centers have the longest lead times and enroll a limited number of infants at a particular time. Some daycare schools quickly have waiting lists.
If one knows he has to resume work in a couple of weeks, start scouting the daycare options early. In this way, you are making childcare arrangements way while helping him recover from birth and getting reading to return to work.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Infant Daycare

Make sure that you ask the following questions while visiting the daycare center:

● What are the qualifications of the staff?
● The infant is to care providers ratio
● The timetable of the day
● Center's license qualifications

It is vital to ensure that babies get a safe and clean environment that helps them explore the world around them. Babies 18 months or older must form an attachment with the daycare provider. They would take time to develop an attachment and trust the person caring for them.

The initial days when your child commences daycare can be tough. However, giving the child some time to adjust is essential, and things will become normal as you become comfortable with the daycare provider. If you feel something isn't right, trust your instincts and do what's best for the child and family.

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