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Many parents often feel guilty for allowing preschoolers to watch TV and use an iPad or phone. However, they may do so to complete household chores such as cooking, cleaning, or taking some personal time. It can be challenging to keep young children occupied for extended periods while trying to accomplish these tasks.


You can take up several options by planning things well and helping him do something constructive instead of letting him waste his precious hours on screen. If you have a hectic schedule sending him to a preschool program will keep you at ease and help him enhance his social and creativity skills. Let us go through each one of them:


Ways to Keep Your Child Active & Busy in this Digital Age

Create a Game Box

Take a box and fill them with things like puzzles, colouring books, and playing cards. You can also keep it connectable as it will enhance its creativity. Initially, the child would resist, but after a while, they will start making "Game Box Time" a part of their routine.


Enroll him in Preschool Activities

If you have a busy schedule, send your child to a preschool where they will introduce activities that keep him occupied until your return. These activities have been tailored to the child's interest and open new challenges. It will lead to the holistic development of your child.


Help them make their Cartoon

Children can spend their time creating their characters instead of watching cartoons. Hand over paper and crayons and ask them to draw a hero or a bad guy. Once they have completed it, let them share their hero's story with you.


Give Creative Toys

Any toy that enhances a child's creativity will keep him distracted for extended durations. Indulge them in Legos, puzzles, and Play-Dough, and reward them for doing something innovative.


Let them grow a Garden

Give your child a little plant and ask them to look after it. Allow him to choose between a herb garden or growing a few flowers on the window sill. Provide some watering instructions also, in case you are busy with something, ask them to check it. Keep them engaged with garden work.


Introduce Verbal Games

If you are an excellent multitasker, keep the child entertained while completing the tasks. Start by asking animal names from every alphabet or use flashcards to ask questions. In the meantime, you can cook or do other essential household chores.


Engage in Messy Mixing Time

One way to let your child have fun without needing constant attention from you is by placing a large tarp on the floor and providing them with bowls and kitchen items to play with. Although it may be a messy activity, your child is sure to enjoy it.


In Conclusion, introduce these activities to Keep your child busy in this digital age. If you are preoccupied with many things, enroll him in a reputed before and after school care program introduced by the reputable St. George Mini School & Infant Care, North York, and offer your child the rich, learning, secure environment they deserve.

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