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Every child is different in all aspects. Be it grabbing the lesson or implementing it in reality, every child has a different approach in life. Some would prefer to adapt to the given change, and others would just restrict and find their own way.

The teachers of the daycare should know what your child's nature is. They should know how to deal with them accordingly. Sharing the information about your child's behaviour and acceptance of certain things can make it easier for the daycare teachers to handle them.

Here are the seven most important things you should tell the teacher about your child:

• Health Condition: Since daycare teachers handle the children the most time, they should know about your child's health conditions. Tell the teacher if your child has any kind of health condition or even a minor body bruise.

• Family Issues: This might seem too personal, but sharing family issues with the teachers can help your child heal externally. If you are going through any family issues affecting your child, tell their teacher so they can handle the child delicately.

• Behaviour Issues: Children sometimes act too fragile and expect attention. Not only this, their personality traits are quite different from what we expect. So, telling their teacher about the same can help them care for them better.

• Strengths and Weaknesses: Every child has their strengths and weaknesses. Since daycare aims to enhance the children's emotional and social skills, they should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This can help them polish your child with the best practices.

• Learning Style: You know what type of learning style your child feels comfortable with. Some children can only learn with rhyming tunes, and others while playing. There are some different kinds of learning styles that children support.

• Study Habits: You must know if your child's learning speed is faster or slower than the others. Informing your child's study habits to the teacher can help them understand if the student lacks in speed or grabbing the details.

• Special Interests: Does your child have any special interests in studies or extracurricular activities? Informing the daycare teacher about the special interests of your child can give them ideas to intrigue your child in school.

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