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33 Mallard Rd: (647) 478-6114

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Several things must be considered before choosing a daycare for toddlers.

Do they align with our family's philosophy? Are the professionals friendly? What is their proximity to the residence? What cost do they levy, or are they providing healthy meals to the children?

During Orientation

Daycare centers organize an orientation week where parents can sit with other parents and preschool staff in the classroom. Everyone gets to know each other in this session, and even the providers put their best foot forward to know your child. In addition, orientation week enables a smooth transition between infants and toddlers.

During the process, the trust is transferred from parents to caregivers in the classroom. The number of hours of the program keeps on surging so that when parents leave for work, the children come to caregivers to build trust.

Have a Discussion and Prepare Well in Advance

It is essential to let the child know about this transition. If they cannot comprehend what is going on, it is vital to walk them through the steps of the process. Assist the child in packing his bag and helping him place the belongings in an organized fashion. Your child might be a little tensed on the very first day; help him bring his favorite toy on the very first day. Teachers would send the toys back home, and making the daycare toddler feel comfortable in the initial weeks must be the topmost priority of the parents.

Let your child know that you are leaving but will be back. Avoid lying and making false promises. Children are as bright as parents, and it is vital to validate their emotions and stick to what you have promised them. They might cry or become upset, but in the end, these steps are taken for their betterment. The schools give daycare toddlers emotional support and space and indulge them in activities that would help them excel in their life in the future.

As a parent, sitting in your seat and thinking about your child would be difficult. However, daycare is responsible for giving the child the care they deserve, as it is a significant adjustment for everyone. Day by day, the tears will reduce, and the child will notice running into the teacher's arms. The days are harsh, but in the end, it would lead to fruitful results.

In Conclusion, Transitioning daycare toddlers from the comfort of home to preschool can be challenging. Give your child some time to adjust and make the process relaxing for him. If you are searching for a quality preschool, consult St.George Mini School in North York, which encourages child participation and offers a rich and secure learning environment. Apart from this, it helps the daycare toddlers improve their:

● Social Skills
● Interpersonal skills
● Dressing etiquettes
● Verbal communication and use of proper expressions
● It gives wings to their imagination and senses

They don't just train your child but prepare him for a better tomorrow. Enroll Now!

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