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33 Mallard Rd: (647) 478-6114

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Parents are the first caregivers and teachers of their children who foster learning and wholesome development. But for busy parents, good daycare can take on this role and fulfill this vital responsibility. As a parent, you must know that several studies indicate that children who spend their time in the conducive environment of a daycare center tend to have higher confidence and better emotional intelligence, which in turn have a lifelong positive impact on a child's overall personality.

Daycare Centre – A Nursery for Your Child's Holistic Development

A good daycare provides a nurturing, safe and playful environment to children who also get ample opportunity to socialize with other kids. Various fun activities at a daycare center are specifically designed to encourage kids' critical thinking and emotional development. Hence, a resourceful and high-end daycare program is one of the best investments you can make for your child.

Encouraging Pro-Social Behaviour

Positive socialization among children in a daycare center is directly linked to the development of empathy, polite behavior, tolerance, and patience, as the kids get to interact with other kids of varied personalities, backgrounds, and cultures. This experience prepares them for the homogenous environment of the real world, where they will have to live and interact with different people later in life.

Constructive Social Skills 

The best way to teach kids all the crucial and good social skills are through play and games. Engaging kids in activities that are like games but imbibe life lessons and social skills can teach them teamwork, communication, sharing, interpersonal skills, etc.

Confidence Creation

Various activities during playtime will greatly impact the kids' overall development and skills, in addition to their communicative abilities. All these aspects will lead to the development of their confidence, an essential trait in a child that must remain with them throughout their life.

Give Your Child a Great Start at Life

Being loving and caring parents, you must give your good child the conducive environment of St. George Mini School & Infant Care, a daycare that is a haven for their all-round personality development. So, from mealtime to playtime, every moment is filled with learning opportunities overseen by highly qualified and kind staff who ensure a safe environment for all the kids so that they can be the best version of themselves at all times.

You can learn more about this holistic day care schools in North York by visiting our website and giving your child an excellent environment where they can develop their innate creativity, imagination, and wonderful personality. 

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