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Even for adults, trying new things can be difficult, draining, and frightening. However, we promote it because learning happens when we try new things, which is even more crucial for kids. We want our children to grow into open-minded, self-sufficient, well-rounded adults ready to enjoy various aspects of life, from friendships and food to sports and the arts. Fear is a normal reaction to unfamiliar and difficult circumstances, but most of life's difficulties require children to take risks and try new activities. It may make them anxious, but that's alright because that little bit of anxiety is a sign of development and frequently what motivates achievement. So, when it comes to gently nudging the toddlers to try new things and learn activities that can occupy their time or even turn into something that can become their passion later in life, toddlers' daycare is the most optimum place since kids are with their age group and have a positive learning environment.

Why must toddlers be motivated towards immersive new experiences?

The age of 18 and 30 months is the ideal time when toddlers to develop fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, acquire the idea of sorting and tidying up, identify colours and shapes, and learn the use of different things, such as utensils, pencils, etc. It is also when toddlers learn about the cause-and-effect theory and straightforward innovations. So, parents and care providers can incorporate these ideas to get the toddlers to try new things at home or daycare –

• Remind them of times when trying new things was rewarding and fun

• Cherish even small wins to encourage making more efforts 

• Do new things together as a family

• Appreciate new efforts

• Incorporate creative methods to create new activities that are more enticing

• Turn failures into learning experiences

• Include small rewards for achieving little milestones 

Providing a constructive learning environment to toddlers

The holistic toddler program at St. George Mini School and Infant Care (North York) is an excellent investment for your child. It also encourages them to try new things and participate in novel activities that further promote their cognitive, social, and behavioural development. Most of the lessons at St. George Mini School include music and dance, including those on building strong and appropriate use of safety, and health. With highly trained, caring professionals at the daycare, your toddlers will have infinite opportunities to try new things and be their best versions daily.

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