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Sending a 3 or 4 years old child to school is one of the most challenging decisions parents will ever make. But on the other hand, sending him will help them succeed in every sphere of life.

Pre-school builds the child's base in three main areas social, pre-academic, and general. These skills would help him stand ahead of the crowd and other aspects of life. According to studies, children who attend preschool have shown significant improvements in academic readiness and earn higher than those who don't attend preschool.

Still not convinced? This guide covers the reasons why preschool is significant:

It Teaches them How to be Good Learners

Children learn by playing. If the first class attended by the child is merely based on the academic concept, it won't arouse curiosity inside him and would turn him off from school.

In preschool, their interest in new things is developed to create a positive learning approach. It is the drive that takes him to school every day.

Preschool Children Possess Better Social Skills

In preschool, children spend a lot of time with their peers. This setting helps them make more friends, enhance their listening skills and build the foundation of conversational skills.

Preschool Builds their Foundation in Math

Math isn't children's favorite subject, and preschool won't teach this subject until the child is ready. Instead, they teach math by including activities like matching, sorting, and counting games in their curriculum. These activities help students understand numbers and types.

Helps Children Make Better Decisions 

Preschool helps them select the activity they want to indulge in. They not only follow their passion but also learn how to be better decision-makers and take responsibility. They get ready to make their own choices in life.

Children can Look after Themselves

Preschool helps a child become independent. Preschool teachers teach them basic etiquette like hand-washing, keeping belongings in cubicles, and placing toys where they belong.

Preschool Children Turn Out to be Better Care Givers

Apart from looking after themselves, they can take care of others. Teachers motivate them to help other children to learn so that they turn out to be competent and help them grow together. These learning opportunities are generally given in the classroom, like arranging the table during snack time, fixing the calendar, or throwing the waste post-activity.

Enhances Language Skills

Children can learn a language in a language-rich environment. The teacher teaches new vocabulary in preschool and asks thought-provoking questions to develop language skills in children. They are asked to try new things, read aloud, and sing to improve their language skills.

A preschool would work on every area of the child's life to help him succeed in the long run. Skills are improved by introducing fun activities and making them more curious about things. If you are searching for a quality and reputed preschool in North York for the holistic development of your child, consider St George Mini School & Infant Care in North York.

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